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STANLEY Plunge Router 1200W 8mm

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1200W motor for long life and high performance
Aluminium shoe, hardwearing for long life time
Triple depth presetting for adjusting plunge depth allows precise working in several steps
Flat motor housing enables upside down, easier bit changes
Large side handles give a sure grip for improved safety and control
Spindle lock for easy cutter change
Safety lock-off trigger to avoid starting the tool accidentally
Variable speed gives the user more control to prevent burning of the material being shaped
3 collets provided to suit all shank sizes up to 8mm
Anti-static shoe coating for precise guidance on work piece and high comfort of use

Six months repair warranty

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The Stanley Plunge Router 1200W 8mm, model OGS-SRR1200-B5, is a power tool designed for routing operations.

Power: The router has a power rating of 1200 watts, indicating its motor’s capacity to handle demanding routing tasks.

Plunge Function: The “plunge” feature allows you to lower the bit into the workpiece vertically. This feature is useful for making cuts in the middle of the material or starting cuts from the edge.

Router Bit Size: The model you mentioned, OGS-SRR1200-B5, supports 8mm router bits. This size is a common standard and provides versatility for various routing applications.

Depth Adjustment: The router is equipped with a depth adjustment mechanism that allows you to control the depth of the cut precisely. This feature is essential for achieving accurate and consistent routing results.

Variable Speed: The Stanley Plunge Router 1200W likely offers variable speed control, enabling you to adjust the rotational speed of the router bit. Variable speed is beneficial when working with different materials or bit types, as it allows for optimal cutting performance.
While specific features may vary, plunge routers often include features such as a spindle lock for easy bit changes, a dust extraction system to keep the work area clean, and handles or grips for comfortable operation.

Stanley Plunge Router 1200W 8mm can be used for a variety of woodworking task:

Routing Edges: With its plunge capability, this router can be used to create decorative edges on wood surfaces. You can use different router bits to achieve various profiles and designs.

Mortising: Plunge routers are commonly used for creating mortises, which are rectangular slots or holes in a piece of wood. This is particularly useful for joinery, such as fitting tenons or hinges.

Dadoes and Grooves: You can use the plunge router to create precise dadoes and grooves in wood, which are essentially channels or slots that allow for the insertion of shelves or other wood pieces.

Template and Pattern Routing: Plunge routers are often used with templates or patterns to create identical shapes or designs multiple times. By using a template guide bushing, you can follow a template to route out precise shapes.

Inlays and Sign Making: Plunge routers can be used to create inlays, which involve routing out a recess and fitting another piece of wood or material into it. Additionally, they are commonly used for sign making, allowing you to carve out letters or designs.

Flattening Surfaces: With the appropriate router bit and setup, a plunge router can be used to flatten uneven surfaces or slabs of wood, making them smoother and more even.

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